Fundlify is a crowdfunding and pre-order platform for designers, makers, artists, brands, and anyone who want to independently crowdfund their projects on their Shopify store.

The goal of Fundlify is to enable you to raise money for your projects, take pre-orders and effectively sell your available stock.

Fundlify is the first platform to introduce a two-phase (commit & pre-order) funding process that not only inspires backers' engagement and confidence but also allows faster assessment of product demand without financial risk.   

How it works

Phase 1 - Commits: Backers commit to a campaign by entering their email; in doing so, they're guaranteeing a deal price.

Phase 2 - Pre-orders: When the target number of commits is reached for a campaign, all committers will be notified in an email that the pre-order process for that campaign has just started. Committers will then be able to pre-order at the deal price offered to them during the "Commits" phase. Backers who come during the "Pre-orders" phase will also get a deal price that can be equal or higher than the commits deal price. Ideally backers who commit early are looked at as early adopters, thus they're guaranteed the lowest deal price.

Key benefits

  • Independently launch and manage crowdfunding campaigns on your Shopify store.
  • Launch flash sale / pre-order campaigns.
  • No crowdfunding commission fees.
  • Keep your brand identity intact.
  • Keep the traffic you drive to your website, not anywhere else.
  • Take full control of your crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Have full access to your metrics, data, and customers.
  • Assess product demand without risk on you or your backers.
  • Build a long-term, sustainable business.
  • Work effectively with vendors and manufacturers.
  • Internationally friendly, not limited to specific countries.


  • Instant Installation, no code changes required.
  • Works well with any theme.
  • Supports your store's currency.
  • The first of its kind two-phase (Commit & Pre-order) crowdfunding process.
  • Run your campaign for as long as you need without having to worry about the limited 7 days credit card authorization period.
  • Choose from three available campaign types (open, limited and sell stock).
  • Works with both registered and guest users.
  • Uses your store’s default payment gateway.
  • Non-destructive campaign's product or variant selection.
  • Set your commit deal price, pre-order, retail and cost prices.
  • Set your campaign's commit and pre-orders targets
  • Select your preferred order processing route (Drafts or Orders).
  • Edit and display estimated ship date on campaign’s widget.
  • Edit and display campaign notes on campaign’s widget.
  • Upload campaign’s banner image.
  • Display project’s owner or designer details.
  • Launch immediately or set publication date.
  • Set campaign's timezone.
  • Customizable automatic notification templates.
  • Customizable widget and collection.
  • Customizable campaign's widget default messages.
  • Define eligible backers (Customers) for each campaign.
  • Email customized campaign updates to your backers from within the app.
  • Display your quick notes on campaign’s widget.
  • Fully integrated post-campaign order management.
  • Automatically or manually end campaigns.
  • Archive and unarchive campaigns.
  • Enable requests automatically or manually when the campaign ends.
  • Export campaign’s data.
  • 100% Mobile friendly.