Before you get started, here is a video that takes you through the process of creating a campaign. 

Fundlify has three campaign types: Open, Limited and Sell stock;

Open: Has no deadline, ends when the target number of orders reaches a defined target. 

Limited: Ends on a specific date, regardless of how many pre-orders captured.

Sell stock: Sell available stock within a limited timeframe (Flash Sale / Pre-orders)

How Fundlify two-phase funding process works:

Phase 1 - Commits: Backers commit to buying a product by leaving their email; in doing so, they're guaranteeing the lowest deal price.

Phase 2 - Pre-orders: When the target number of commits is reached, pre-order process starts, committers are notified to finalize their pre-order.

There are several significant advantages to Fundlify's two-phase crowdfunding process; Commit phase is free, as a result, more user engagement and clearer assess your product demand much faster, more accurately and without financial risks.

1. Head over to the main navigation menu and click on Dashboard, you can click on Start a campaign from the top bar or click on the Start a campaign button on the dashboard page.

2. Select your campaign type; Open, Limited or Sell stock, in this example let's say you've selected an Open campaign.

3. Next, enter your campaign title.

4. Click on Select a product button, you'll be presented with a popup listing your store's products. You'll be able to select a single product or a single product with variants because each campaign can only have one product. But don't worry the product you select will be duplicated and added to your store's products, this insures that your current products are intact. It's also good to point out that your campaign title will replace your selected product so that when you can easily identify which product is related to which campaign in your inventory.

5. After selecting your campaign product, a set of four price fields are displayed, Commit price, Pre-order price, Retail price and Cost price, a commit price is the lowest price you can offer to your backers who commit early to your campaign, a deal price is the price you offer to users who come during the pre-orders phase, we recommend that your commit price is reasonably a little lower than your pre-order price, think of users who commit to your campaign during the commit phase as early adopters of your product, how would you reward them? backers who pre-order during the pre-order phase are also equally important, think how you also like to reward them for pre-ordering. As you can see from the picture below, you can charge tax on the product, we've added this little feature so that you don't have to go back to your product page on Shopify and fix from there. A Retail price is the price you'd like to sell your product for if it was sold online or in a retail store.

6. Enter your target number of orders you'd like to sell, a campaign is considered successful when the target number of items sold is reached. Then select how many commits you think would require The question is; how many commits you think you need to convert to actual pre-orders? For an Open campaign, when the target number of items to sell is reached the campaign is considered successful and ends automatically or manually. For a Limited campaign, you can define how many days you'd like commits to run for. The Pre-order period is by default set to 3 days if the target number of items to sell is reached, but you can select to from 1 day to 6 days, because on the 7th day, all authorized payments for all pre-orders are captured automatically. 

Select the checkboxes that apply; check Start pre-orders when target number of commits is reached if you want the pre-orders phase to automatically start immediately when number of commits is reached. Check Enable direct checkout during pre-orders if you want to force checkout during pre-orders phase, otherwise a pre-orders are all recorded as Draft orders when the campaign ends, this allows you to send your backers emails to complete their purchase.


7. This section is optional. To calculate and show estimated ship date to your backers, you need to enter all three fields together, you can edit those fields any time. 

8. Check Notify customer when pre-orders start if you want to automatically notify backers when pre-orders of your campaign starts. Otherwise you can manually send event notifications manually to your backers. 

9. Upload your campaign's image, this image appears when 1 column is selected from plugin settings. Recommended images size is 1920 x 600 pixels.

10. Enter campaign notes, this will appear on your campaign's widget for backers to see. This section is optional.

11. This section is optional, you can enter the details of the project owner, maker or designer of the campaign you're launching.

12. Only eligible users / customers are able to see this campaign, you can select Everyone or Group of customers based on your customers' filters 

13. Click launch to publish your campaign, or set a publication date.