Linxify enables you to add different types of buttons to your product's pages. A button can be an external link, a file download, or a video / image popup.

Use cases for different store categories

  • Books: Download or preview a sample chapter of a book. or send users to Amazon.
  • Fashion: Download or preview a size chart, a catalogue or a product video demo.
  • Electronics: Download or preview product's specs or how to install video tutorial.
  • Accessories: Show how to wear a product in a video.
  • Food & drink: Download or preview the full food / drink menu.
  • Artwork: Download a free desktop wallpaper or a sample artwork. 
  • Home & decor: Download or preview a product manual, or a DIY video.
  • If you're accepting submission, you can let your customers download a Design template, or a PDF application form 

Key benefits

  • Boost revenue by linking to an affiliate n from your product pages.
  • Easily add buttons to your product page.
  • Add an unlimited number of buttons to any of your products.
  • Add links to an internal or external product, page or an affiliate link.
  • Add a video or an image popup to your products.
  • Let your customers download any file type, like an e-book, spec sheet or a catalog.
  • Ability to drag and drop button position.
  • Uploaded files are safely hosted and protected.
  • Easily customize buttons.

Key features

  • Easy installation, no custom coding necessary.
  • Add multiple buttons, each with a different functionality on your product's page.
  • Select from three different link types; external link, download link, preview link, video popup.
  • Change button text.
  • Customize your buttons size and color.
  • Customize your buttons shape, type and position.
  • Search and add icons from Font Awesome to your buttons.
  • Add the buttons widget anywhere in your product's description editor.
  • Enable or disable any button or buttons set.
  • Open in a new tab.

External link: 

Creates a link to any of your store's pages, or to an external link. Example; an affiliate link, a product on Amazon, a blog post, etc..

Download link: 

Creates a downloadable file link. Example; an e-book, PDF, photo, icon, excel sheet, video... anything really!

A preview link:

Creates a pop preview of an image or a PDF.