When installing Fundlify, two collections are created automatically, one is called Fundlify Campaigns and the other is called Fundlify Requests. 

Next, head over to your store's Navigation, choose a menu where you want your campaign link to be, and click on Add menu item. Type in your preferred menu title.

Select Collections from the Link tab

Then select Fundlify campaigns

Now, go to your store and click on Campaigns (You can name it whatever you want), all your campaigns will appear nicely there.

Now, if you want your campaigns to appear under each other as 1 column instead of 3 columns. Go to Settings, and select 1 column from the "Collection number of columns" dropdown, then click save. Go back to your Campaigns and reload the page. You can also update the each product image from your campaign editor, see image attached, once your new image is uploaded and saved, your campaign will load that image that you've uploaded. This only works when 1 column setting is selected, otherwise the image will be picked up from Shopify's default product image.