Fundlify is a Crowdfunding solution for the lean startup made for Shopify. Fundlify enables you to Independently crowdfund multiple production runs, launch group-buying, and flash-sale campaigns.

Fundlify is the only platform to introduce a new concept called Split crowdfunding or Two-phase crowdfunding; it splits a single campaign into two phases (Commits & Pre-orders), a process that helps you eliminate refunds, assess product demand, and help you make timely production decisions that ultimately leads to less waste.


  • Independently crowdfund multiple production runs, launch group-buying, and flash-sale campaigns.
  • Subscription-based - zero platform fee.
  • Fund your ideas, projects, and products; take pre-orders to fund your production runs.
  • Launch group buying and flash sale campaigns.
  • Assess the demand/market fit for an idea, project or product by collecting email commits, before taking pre-orders and collecting payments from backers.
  • Minimize or even eliminate refunds if your campaign doesn't make it.
  • Launch multiple campaign types and collections.
  • Minimize production waste and increase efficiency.
  • Work with any supplier or manufacturer.
  • Fully integrated with Shopify's order management, payment gateway and fulfillment processes.
  • Own the traffic data insights you drive to your campaigns.
  • Beautifully designed & responsive collection theme templates.
  • Built-in customizable email status notifications.
  • Launch any campaign type within a few minutes.

Fundlify v2 new features


  • One-click Installation, no theme customization required.
  • Fund physical and digital products.
  • Works responsively with any theme.
  • Supports your store's currency.
  • Uses your store's payment gateway.
  • Non-destructive campaign creation.


  • Three crowdfunding campaign goals; raise an amount, take pre-orders and sell the stock.
  • Select campaign lifetime (open / limited)
  • The first of its kind two-phase (Commit & Pre-order) crowdfunding process.
  • Automatically or manually end your campaigns.
  • Direct checkout/draft pre-orders creation.
  • Add product/variants to your campaign directly from Shopify.
  • Add project owner details and an external link.
  • Limit quantity per customer.
  • Add quick notes on the campaign front-end.
  • Detailed backers' Commits, pre-orders & requests details.
  • Fully integrated and synced pre-orders.
  • Export backers' full track data to CSV file.
  • Add a campaign full-page image banner.
  • Built-in post an update email notifications.
  • Edit email notification templates.
  • Show and hide campaigns.
  • Accept In-store pickups.
  • Accept Cash-on-delivery.


  • 7 beautifully designed & responsive collection theme templates.
  • Customize collections' appearance and color.
  • Easily create, edit and sort collections.
  • SEO optimized collection pages.
  • Show and hide collections.
  • Define eligible customers (everyone / selected group)
  • Built-in milestone email notification.
  • Add product type, vendor and campaign tags.
  • Select the estimated shipping date.
  • Auto publish campaign for any timezone.
  • Add a collection full-page image banner.


  • Customize the look of your campaign.
  • A color for each phase.
  • Customize your campaign event messages.
  • Customize button labels and sub-messages.