Fundlify has 3 funding types (Campaign purposes):

Raise Money

The minimum amount of money required to successfully fund a project.

  • Fund product / collection launches.
  • Fund creative projects.
  • Fund an initial production run.

Take Pre-orders

The number of pre-orders you define as a goal.

  • Launch group buying deals.
  • Fund multiple production runs.
  • Offer pre-orders for out of stock products.

Flash Sale

Sell a limited quantity of available stock within a timeframe.

  • Clear available stock.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Increase brand awareness.

You can define the lifetime of each campaign to Open or Limited;

  • Open: An open campaign doesn't end on a specific date, it ends automatically when the campaign goal is reached. However; you can end it manually anytime.
  • Limited: A limited campaign has a deadline and ends on a specific date. However; you can end it manually anytime.

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