Click on collections From the main Dashboard > Navigate > Collections

A collection contains multiple campaigns. You can also look at a collection as a single campaign that contains multiple rewards or perks (products).

Creating a collection for your campaigns is similar to creating a collection of products on your Shopify store.

Title & description

First name your collection in the collection title, you also add a description of your collection, then select your preferred theme template.

Theme templates are mainly divided into two main categories, Type (Fullwidth & Boxed) and Number of columns. 

Title & description

Collections are created based on the Tags you assigned to your campaign and the conditions (Tags) you apply. 

  • Selecting all conditions means that Fundlify will list the campaigns that contain all the tags selected combined.
  • Selecting any condition means that Fundlify will list the campaigns that contain any of the tags selected.


After setting you conditions, head to Appearance if you wish to change the color, opacity and height of your campaign image in your collection.

Collection image

Adding a collection image is optional, a collection image is simply an image banner for your collection, on that banner, your collection title and description will be displayed.

from the settings, you can also control the color overlay and opacity as shown below.

If you don't add a collection image, a hover over collection title and sorter will appear on top of your collection page. This also depends on which collection template you've selected for your campaign, as shown in the examples below:

Full-width 1 column layout


Boxed 1 column layout

URL and handle

Finally, the URL and handle of your collection, by default it picks up your collection title, you can edit your handle any time, just remember to click on the Save button.

Collection sorter

After saving your collection for the first time, the Campaigns section will appear, you can then choose how you'd like to sort your collection, hit save after making your choice, this will be default sort setting when previewing your collection.

Now that you've saved your collection, hit the Preview button.

Collection settings

From Fundlify Settings, you can Reset your collection templates back to the default values, and also edit the margins of your collection, regardless of which collection template you've selected. Margins will help you position your collection in the way you see fit.

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